Fire Pit Guidelines



Approved Kane County Fire Pit Guidelines


The guidelines for campfires at “Permanently” improved places of habitation are listed below. These are the guidelines for cabins and RV’s that are set up for the summer in the unincorporated areas of Kane County.

Fire pits must be inspected and approved prior to initial use. Call 435-682-3225 to arrange an inspection. Fire pits and campfires within the Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District must have an Approved Fire Pit Permit on the premises.

Persons responsible for escaped or unattended camp fires are subject to prosecution and fire suppression costs. ( Code:76-6-104.5 or 7-6-104)


·         Campfire must be contained within a pit 18 inches deep into mineral soil, absent of any roots or other organic material. Or in a solid ring made of non-combustible material that is at least 18 inches in height that will contain the fuel wood or coals while shielding the ashes from being blown by the wind.
·         6 inches of gravel must be under the fire pit for insulation bringing the entire fire pit depth to 24 inches.
·         Maintain the depth of the pit by removing built up ash and other materials; assure that materials are completely extinguished. Do Not Dump ashes into dumpsters. Ashes will retain heat longer than you think. Multiple dumpster fires are caused each year by hot ashes being dumped from fire pits and fireplaces.
·         Campfires must be at least 15 feet away from any combustible vegetation or structures, vertically and horizontally. Fire resistant vegetation as part of landscaping is excluded.
·         6 feet around the fire pit must be cleared down to the mineral soil. This can be covered with decorative rock or stone.
·         One person 18 years of age or older must attend the fire at all times.
·         10 gallons of water or more must be dedicated and immediately available on-site for fire suppression. A charged garden hose that reaches the fire pit may be substituted for the 10 gallons of water.
·         One standard size shovel must be dedicated and immediately available on site for fire suppression.
·         Campfires must be completely extinguished and cold to the touch when not attended. Firewood should be in lengths short enough to keep wood contained in the pit and flame height should not exceed 2 feet