8/21/2015: The Governing Board would like to express their sincere appreciation to those residents and friends who have donated extraordinary gifts to our volunteer fire department in the past few months. Some of these folks have wished to remain in the background, however, the Chief, volunteers, and your board know who you are and wish to say Thank You, our friends and neighbors, for your gifts to help keep those in our community safe and our forests in the state nature intended them to be. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU.



7/16/2016: The Stay at Home Booklet can be found under Fire Prevention and Safety Information.

1/19/2017: The Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District Governing Board will have four (4) vacancies for the November, 2017 Election cycle. To file a candidate form to run for a vacant position, applicants may obtain a candidate form at Station #1, 3620 Mammoth Creek Rd, Duck Creek Village Utah. The filing period for candidates is from June 1, 2017 to June 7, 2017. For questions, call 435-682-3225.

1/19/2017: The Cedar Mountain Fire Department has received its Quick Response Unit license (EMT) from the State of Utah Bureau of Emergency Medical Services. What this means to property owners on the mountain is immediate medical services to those in need after calling 911. The Fire Department has two full time AEMT's currently on staff and will be upgrading their license to AEMT in the future. This will allow property owners to receive the same level of care that the Alton Ambulance can provide. The only service not available will be patient transport.


There was much discussion at the January 14 Board meeting regarding snow removal. One resident suggested that the snow contractors should be made to have blower equipment. Another resident complained about berms in front of his driveway. The following are excerpts from the current snow contract:

1. Contractor is not expected to clear snow moved during regular road clearing operations from residential home access ways but contractor shall not pile or stack snow in front of residential home access ways. Snow berms shall not exceed five (5) feet in height or (2) feet above the level of accumulated snow fall, whichever is greater.

2. Contractor shall have sufficient equipment to perform this Contract. Contractor shall have snow blowing equipment available for road clearing and moving large quantities of snow.

A suggestion for berms in driveways. If you stand in your driveway looking to the street, when you clear snow from your driveway and the snow removal equipment hasn't come by yet, shovel the snow in front of your driveway and throw it to your right. When the plow comes by, there won't be as big a berm in your driveway. This method is used in West Valley Utah.

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