2/7/2015: Notice is given that the CMFPD Board of Trustees will have three positions open during the November, 2015 election cycle. Please click on the link (left) "Notice of Position Available" for filing instructions.

3/14/2015: There is an open position on the CMFPD Governing Board. For application details, click on the Notice of Positions available in the menu to the left.


Our friends and neighbors, the CMFPD volunteer firefighters, recently completed several months of training. The CMFPD now has 11 firefighter 1 trained personnel along with 4 firefighter 2 trained personnel. We will post their names shortly and please, if you see these dedicated individuals around the village congratulate them for a job well done.

5/11/2015: The candidacy filing period for Governing Board positions is June 1 though June 8, 2015. There are currently 3 positions that will expire on December 21, 2015. You may pick up a candidacy form at Fire Station #1 on 3620 Mammoth Creek Road. You must either own land within the boundaries of the CMFPD or be an agent of an owner of Land to file.

5/11/2015: CONGRATULATIOS to Aric and Lisa Boston and Scott Robertson for passing the Kane County Hospital sponsored EMT Basic class.

5/18/2015: The CMFPD Fire and Rescue will be conducting a field exercise on May 28.

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