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Until further notice, all CMFPD Board business will be handled during the Kane County Commissioners’ Meetings.


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April 16, 2020


The CMFPD BOARD MEETING - Scheduled to take place on 3/14/2020 has been CANCELLED. Due to inclement weather and the State of Utah mandates against meetings of more that 20 people. Please check back for updates and a reschedule date for the March Board Meeting.



Archive Community Announcements:


Falcon's Nest Fire 2-23-2019


It has been brought to our attention that individuals are posting issues they may have had with the 911 Emergency calling system.  It is the CMFPD's opinion that calling 911 is the best way to report an emergency.  Please Do Not call your local fire department even though we are now a 24/7 manned station. The reason for that is that the phones are not manned 24/7 as the crews may be out of the station dealing with an emergency at the time you call in.  However our local Dispatch Center is manned 24/7 with 911 calls being answered 24/7.  I know things are stressful when reporting an emergency but using the 911 system is still the best option when reporting an emergency.


Also I would like to take this opportunity to inform our residents of the need to keep your propane tanks cleared of snow.  Equally important is the need to keep the regulator for the propane where it enters the structure clear of snow.  In extreme cold conditions these regulators can fail and cause fires and explosions.  This is the second regulator malfunction due to snow covered regulators and propane storage tanks being snow covered that CMFPD has responded to in the last two weeks.  Fortunately only the second incident resulted in an explosion.


Thank you for your cooperation,


Casey Tuttle, Fire Chief CMFPD