8/21/2015: The Governing Board would like to express their sincere appreciation to those residents and friends who have donated extraordinary gifts to our volunteer fire department in the past few months. Some of these folks have wished to remain in the background, however, the Chief, volunteers, and your board know who you are and wish to say Thank You, our friends and neighbors, for your gifts to help keep those in our community safe and our forests in the state nature intended them to be. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU

3/3/2016: A vacancy exists on the CMFPD Governing Board. The term of office ends on 12/31/2019. If interested in filling the position, please submit an interest letter or email to: CMFPD Governing Board 3620 Mammoth Creek Rd HC82 Box 1084 Duck Creek Village Utah 84762 or cmfpdadmin@scinternet.net


4/11/2016: The Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District (CMFPD) is considering hiring full time Firefighter or Firefighter/Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel to supplement our volunteers. There are two reasons for this action. The first is to relieve our Fire Chief of some duties since he is logging an extraordinary amount of time running the station. An example: One of our weak areas during the recent Insurance Service Organization (ISO) inspection was public education. By hiring full time folks, public education would be one of their responsibilities. The second reason is enhanced public safety. As you may or may not know, the station is only open from 8am to 4pm. By hiring 6 additional firefighters, the station would have 24 hour coverage, 7 days a week.
The purpose of the public hearing is to amend the budget and this would allow the CMFPD to immediately hire one or two individuals. At the present time THERE WILL BE NO FEE INCREASE. The CMFPD has submitted a grant application that would provide funding for additional personnel. We are expecting a decision in the September time frame. If we are successful, the funding would cover the first two years of compensation for the additional personnel.
The date for the public hearing is set for Friday, May 13, 2016 at 1800 (6pm) at Station #1, 3620 Mammoth Creek Rd, Duck Creek Village. The agenda will consist of amending the current budget, and the use of the amended funds to hire one or two firefighters.
Please plan on attending this important public hearing.

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