8/21/2015: The Governing Board would like to express their sincere appreciation to those residents and friends who have donated extraordinary gifts to our volunteer fire department in the past few months. Some of these folks have wished to remain in the background, however, the Chief, volunteers, and your board know who you are and wish to say Thank You, our friends and neighbors, for your gifts to help keep those in our community safe and our forests in the state nature intended them to be. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU

9/27/2015: The Public Hearing for the 2016 budget will be held on Friday, October 23, 2015 at 6pm. As always the meeting will be held at Station #1, 3620 Mammoth Creek Rd, Duck Creek.

10/15/2015: After the fire at "Hot Mama's", several Duck Creek residents have asked why did the Kanab and Cedar Fire Departments send engines to help with the fire. Most volunteer fire departments as well as some paid departments use mutual aid. Mutual aid is a handy tool for a Chief on a fire call as it allows for more flexibility with personnel and equipment. For example and generally speaking, for every two on the fire line there should be two back ups. Recovery time is also an issue. According to OSHA regulations, when fire fighters are relieved to rest, they must be in recovery for a period of time before they resume activities. Other factors for mutual aid is the types of equipment different departments can bring to the fire. It should be pointed out that our firefighters had that fire contained before mutual aid units arrived. The additional units allowed our Chief some of the flexibility described above. In summary, our department did a fantastic job with that fire, and the Chief used the resources he had available to assist with the fire.

11/12/2015: In the first part of the year, the CMFPD was inspected by the Insurance Service Office (ISO). The ISO is a private owner assessment company, under the umbrella of the Verisk corporation, which collects statistical data on fire departments suppression abilities and then assigns a numerical rating, on a scale of 1-10, to homes in that area based on that specific departments fire suppression capabilities to the surrounding areas. A rating of 1 is the best rating and a rating of 10 is the lowest. Our ratings prior to the inspection were a 6 for home owner associations within 5 miles of the fire department and a 9 for associations outside of the 5 mile area. Due to the dedicated work of our Fire Chief, our volunteers, the office staff, and the support of the Governing Board, our ratings were lowered to 5 for the 5 miles radius and a 5x for those outside of the 5 miles. Congratulations to all in the lowering of our ratings.

11/25/2015: On Saturday, November 28, 2015, a viewing will be held for Ed Robbins (longtime attorney for the CMFPD). The viewing will be held at the Alton Ward Chapel from 930 to 1030 am and a service will follow at 11am at the same location. Ed will be laid to rest at 4pm on Saturday.

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